Dulccio Apex 7-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the Dulccio Apex 7-in-1 Phone Lens Kit. The ideal phone accessory for travelling, special times with family and friends, or for when the unexpected pops up in the everyday, this premium quality lens kit smartly extends the capabilities of your standard phone lens, allowing you to turn a basic photograph into a technical work of art.

Each high quality lens possesses its own artistic flair, whether it’s the 25x macro to capture crisp close-ups, the wide-angle for those beautiful panoramic vistas, or the kaleidoscope that expertly transforms a simple object into a stunning over-lapped image.

Featuring a sturdily-built clip-on design with screw-on functionality, it is suitable for most smartphones. Each lens can be housed in the accompanying carry case; a welcome addition that will be in convoy with you anywhere.

7-in-1 Photo Lens Kit Includes:

  • 210°Fisheye lens
  • 120° Wide-angle lens
  • 25x Macro
  • 2x Telephoto lens
  • CPL lens
  • Kaleidoscope lens
  • Starburst lens
  • Phone clip-on
  • Compact carry case


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